We are family.

 Mull Iron is  a  third generation, minority, structural steel erection and fabrication company that started in 1983. Mull's office and shop operate out of Rittman, Ohio but the field spans all over Ohio and the neighboring states.

With the help of Chester Mull Sr, Chester Mull Jr and a few golden shovels, Mull Iron broke ground on September 22, 1988. They set out with a plan to bring jobs to the city of Rittman and build a 20,000 sq/ft fabrication facility and office. As times moved on, Mull Iron grew. We now have a 42,000 sq/ft fabrication facility with multiple loading bays and a 320 sq/ft paint bay. Our office has moved across Mull Dr into a separate building.

Mull Iron is one of the leading companies in Structural Steel Erection and Structural Steel Fabrication in Ohio. Whether the job is small or large, we treat it the same. We have a team comprised of the best engineers, project managers, personnel, shop and field workers in the area. We take pride in every job or task that we do.

We have updated and upgraded our shop over the past few years and have filled it with state of the art technology. We like to offer our clients a little something extra when it comes to cutting edge abilities.

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